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Why Choose Holistic Dentistry

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Have you heard of holistic dentistry? Are you wondering about the benefits of visiting a holistic dentist? We invite you to consider the following reasons why many patients choose holistic dentistry:

– Holistic dentistry is very clean. At a holistic dental office, the products and materials applied to your smile are wholesome and non-toxic, as well as healthy for patients. We strive to provide the most non-invasive solution to enhancing your smile.

– Holistic dentistry addresses the entire body. Holistic dentistry goes beyond caring for your teeth, gums, and underlying jawbone to treat your entire body and consider your overall health. The many treatments we offer can apply to multiple health issues, including mood disorder, chronic fatigue, and sinusitis.

– Holistic dentistry offers long-term options. Traditional dentistry often often provides immediate fixes to dental issues, but holistic dentists consider the best possible treatments for the whole body, and take the time to create a long-term approach to improve both oral and overall health. We want you to be able to enjoy successful, long-lasting results.

– Holistic dentistry can replace toxic dental treatments. Dr. John Moreno and our team can reverse toxic dental treatments such as silver amalgam fillings that you received in the past. We are concerned about you and your dental experience, and we are here to provide the best dental care possible.

If you have any questions about holistic dentistry in Aliso Viejo, California, please call E. John Moreno, DMD today at 949-487-9220 and speak with a member of our friendly team today!