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The prominent characteristic of sleep apnea is irregular breathing patterns that happen while a patient is sleeping. We invite you to review some basic facts about sleep apnea so that you can seek proper treatment if needed:

– Central and obstructive sleep apnea are the two main kinds of this condition. During a state of sleep, the human body normally uses brain signals to direct certain muscles for regular breathing, but broken or disrupted signals can result in central sleep apnea, in which the breathing pauses as a result. Similarly, if the airway is blocked by the tongue or soft tissues and can’t breathe normally, this is known as obstructive sleep apnea, and you may frequently wake up.

– There are many risk factors that can lead to sleep apnea, including blocked nasal passages, family history and genetics disposed toward problems, sinus issues, a small jaw, deviated septum, allergies, large tongue or tonsils and environmental factors.

– Patients who have the highest risk of sleep apnea are older males who are about 40 or beyond in age.

– It’s important to address sleep apnea if you know you have it so that the body doesn’t become overworked and develop other health issues, like heart attack and stroke.

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