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Mouth jewelry is a common stylistic lifestyle choice that individuals of many ages consider implementing for a variety of reasons. However, although a lip or tongue ring may seem stylish and useful for impressing your friends and peers, it can lead to numerous oral health ailments.

Mount jewelry can cause deep lacerations in your mouth due to the materials used. If you have a lip or tongue ring, make sure it is safely and effectively inserted and removed as necessary. If it is ripped or torn, it can easily lacerate your mouth. This can lead to stitches. Furthermore, any open wounds in your gum tissues can increase your risk for serious infections, including endocarditis and hepatitis.

Furthermore, mouth jewelry is a known choking hazard. The materials used can easily break off and in many cases, become lodged in your throat. Furthermore, the substances used in mouth jewelry are typically hard enough to easily crack or chip your teeth when hitting them. Even if they slowly rub against your teeth, over time, this can lead to severe wear and decay of your tooth enamel. Exercise caution if you are thinking about getting any form of mouth jewelry.

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