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Many Forms of Dental Trauma Can Be Prevented with a Few Simple Habit Changes

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Dental trauma and oral injuries can come in a variety of forms and severity. While some minor problems are little more than a short-term nuisance, many of these instances can prove to be painful and the treatments could potentially be costly.

Fortunately, there are a few simple habits you can adopt that can significantly reduce your chances of suffering a dental trauma or oral injury.

It’s worth making a concerted effort to break bad habits like chewing on objects, crunching on ice or using your teeth as tools. These things can easily cause chips or dental fractures.

Athletes who participate in contact sports should always use a quality mouthguard during practices and games. Depending on the sport and your personal preference, Dr. John Moreno might be able to fit you for a guard at his Aliso Viejo, California, clinic. If you’re interested, he could even help fit you for a custom mouthguard.

Chronic night grinding can also threaten the health of your teeth and mouth in the long term. It can result in chips and fractures on the biting surfaces of your teeth. It could even cause TMJ disorder in the joints that hinge your mouth. Dr. John Moreno can fit you for a dental guard that will comfortably conform to the unique shape of your mouth. This will allow you to sleep easily and prevent further damage.

It might be wise to stock all your first-aid kits with a few common oral healthcare items like waxed floss, salt packets, and topical oral analgesic. Having these basic items on hand can help you offer fast first aid when an oral emergency does happen.

If you have questions about other ways you can help prevent dental emergencies and oral trauma, you should call 949-487-9220 to speak to a member of staff at E. John Moreno, DMD.