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Dental Veneers Can Help Address Chronic Dental Staining Problems

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If you enjoy dark beverages on a regular basis or you occasionally use tobacco, the chances are good that you will experience modest or potentially significant dental stains. This can leave your teeth an unsightly shade of yellow or beige. At the same time, the whitening products available in stores, tend to over-promise and under-deliver.

While a teeth whitening in Aliso Viejo, California, will certainly whiten your smile, continued habits could allow stains to develop on your teeth yet again. If you are uncomfortable with the lifestyle modification required to maintain a white smile, he might recommend dental veneers.

These thin porcelain shells that will be designed to fit over the face of each tooth in your smile. The porcelain material can be shaded to look just like natural tooth enamel, and will not be prone to deep stains in the future. This will make it easy to maintain your white smile going forward.
Dr. John Moreno will prepare a detailed impression of each tooth destined for a veneer. The impressions will be sent to a professional dental lab where your porcelain dental veneers will be created. If one of your teeth has been compromised by a cavity or a large pre-existing filling, our dentist might recommend replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a porcelain crown.

A second appointment will be needed once the dental lab has completed the porcelain veneers. Dr. John Moreno will then remove a small amount of enamel from each tooth receiving treatment before the corresponding veneer is cemented in place.

If you live in the Aliso Viejo, California, area and you are interested in dental veneers, you should call 949-487-9220 to schedule a consultation with Dr. John Moreno.