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Biological DentistryBiological Dentistry

Mercury Free Dentistry at the Center for Advanced and Biological Dentistry in Southern Orange County

For centuries, conventional dentistry has treated the health of the mouth as though it were separate and distinct from the overall health of the body. Highly toxic materials – mercury in particular – are routinely used, and alternatives have traditionally been scarce.

At our cosmetic and biological dental practice in southern Orange County, mercury free dentistry is not simply an attractive option – it is the rule of our practice. We use only the finest quality biocompatible products and materials available, avoiding at all costs the introduction of toxins and other undesirable elements into your body’s system. We are completely devoted to the ideals of biological dentistry. Simply stated, it is the safest, surest, and most aesthetically pleasing approach possible to restoring and maintaining your oral health.

In addition to providing a full range of biologically friendly procedures and products, we follow one of the safest mercury amalgam removal protocols in dentistry.

At our cosmetic and biological dentistry practice, we are proud to offer residents of southern Orange County world-class mercury free dentistry. We invite you to read the following article about the advantages of biological dentistry and some of the exciting options available to you at our office.


A Word from Dr. E. John Moreno about Biological Dentistry
Why is it that a material that was invented during the Civil War is still being used today in dentistry? And why is it that the second most toxic substance known to man is still being used in filling material?

It is my opinion that the use of dental amalgam (silver-mercury fillings) is no longer the wisest choice for fillings. The material, mainly a mix of silver and mercury, was developed during the Civil War and is still widely used in most parts of the county. Next to plutonium, mercury is the second most toxic substance known to mankind. The amount of mercury emitted from a newly placed, single, large silver filling is substantial enough that if the same amount was added to a 10-acre lake, the government would condemn the lake and not allow its fish to be eaten.

The mercury component of new amalgam fillings can be as high as 55%. Over a period of time, this mercury leaks out of the filling. Within 15 years, there is no trace of mercury remaining in the filling, having all been released into your body. Mercury shows up in the liver and kidneys, in mother’s milk, and passes through the placental barrier. I think there is insufficient evidence to link this mercury contamination to a host of diseases that are mentioned periodically in the media; however, superior materials exist today making any potential health risks associated with amalgams unnecessary.

The reason for its continued use is multifaceted. Amalgams are used for teaching purposes in dental schools. It is easy to place and, therefore, cheap to do. Many insurance companies (never an advocate for optimum health care) encourage the use of this material to minimize the benefits they have to pay out.

I find it perplexing that amalgam scraps removed from patients’ teeth have to be stored in a labeled hazardous-waste container requiring special pickup for its disposal, yet many dentists continue to use it. The safety of the material was grandfathered when the federal government and the ADA began testing dental materials for safety. It would be highly unlikely that amalgams, if just invented, would be approved today.

Another important reason that I have decided to go mercury-free has to do with the expensive nature of the mercury itself. Mercury is placed in thermometers for a reason. It is very sensitive to temperature. Aware of the expansive nature of mercury, why do many dentists place amalgams containing 55% mercury into a brittle tooth, knowing the patient will eat ice-cream and then wash it down with hot coffee? In short, this material is perhaps the main culprit in tooth fracture. I believe these fillings are largely responsible for the high number of crowns that are placed on adult molars. In my 23 years of practice, I have found decay present more than 90% of the time upon removing silver-mercury amalgams greater than five years old. All amalgams corrode and leak over time. Lastly, many patients desire their teeth to look natural, void of those black fillings. With the superior materials available today, I can make most teeth look brand new.

--Dr. E. John Moreno

How Does Biological Dentistry Relate to Holistic Dentistry?

Biological dentistry and holistic dentistry are essentially synonymous terms. They both refer to the branch of dentistry that views the health of the mouth as integrally related to the overall health of the body. The goal of biological and holistic dentistry is to eliminate the toxins and infections of the mouth that may play a factor in facial and neck pain and various chronic degenerative conditions. At the Center for Advanced and Biological Dentistry in Southern Orange County, holistic dentist E. John Moreno has been utilizing the techniques of biological and holistic dentistry for more than 20 years.

Whereas conventional dentistry is designed to treat only the symptoms produced by poor oral health, holistic dentistry aims to eliminate the core causes of these problems. By treating the sources of disease, discomfort, and toxicity, holistic dentistry seeks not only to improve oral health, but also to bring about greater overall health for the body.

If you live in or around Orange County, contact holistic dentist E. John Moreno, DMD, to schedule a consultation and discover the ways that holistic dentistry could help you achieve a healthier, more attractive smile without harmful toxic materials.


Biological Dentistry and Your Health
Your body is not a collection of individual organs and other materials that function independently of one another. It is a complex, fragile network of parts that engage in constant communication with each other to ensure the health of the whole organism. Hence, the condition of one part directly influences the operation of all. That is why you owe it to yourself to seek a dentist who understands the effects of oral health on the entire body.

For more information about the advantages of biological dentistry, please contact Dr. E. John Moreno today. For residents of southern Orange County, premier mercury free dentistry in a relaxing, luxurious setting is only a short drive away.


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